Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone: Printing and Packaging Indus

Release time:2018-12-13 13:42:50 

Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone seizes the blue opportunity to build and upgrade the Peninsula Blue Economic Zone into a national development zone, and does a good job in blue articles. In the first three quarters, the total blue industrial output of the whole region increased by 31.8% year-on-year, accounting for 70.3% of the total industrial output above the scale.
The district has organized special investment promotion activities in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao and Jiangyin, participated in the Beijing Forum and Project Promotion Meeting for the Construction of Rizhao Blue Economic Zone, the Singapore-Shandong Economic and Trade Council Meeting, the Shandong Week of Hong Kong, the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the construction of the zone and the series of business promotion activities for the unveiling of the national development zone, and successfully promoted the investment environment and blue of Rizhao City and the development zone. Industry. Among them, five projects were signed at Rizhao Blue Economic Zone Construction Beijing Talk and Project Promotion Meeting, with a total investment of 16.638 billion yuan; 17 projects were signed and 32.2 billion yuan was invested by agreement at the unveiling ceremony of national Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone. At the Blue Economic Zone Planning External Investment Promotion Conference, 14 projects were signed by the Development Zone, with an estimated total investment of 67.55 billion yuan. At present, the contracted projects in the whole region are progressing smoothly. Among them, Weiya Engine Plant 3 and Roughcast Plant 3 and 4 have been approved by the headquarters, with a planned additional investment of 270 million US dollars; Zhejiang and Easy Logistics projects with a total investment of 600 million US dollars are under site selection; and iron materials in flagship logistics enterprises have completed the registration procedures and formally operated.
The region regards the construction of "4+1" port-vicinity industrial system as the main direction of blue industry development, and takes attracting large projects, developing large industries and cultivating large enterprises as the main grasp to accelerate the development of blue industry. Starting from planning guidance, policy promotion and carrier support, the region accelerates project aggregation, industrial cluster development, and forms the manifestation of complete industrial chain, scale and obvious competitive advantages. Generation Blue Industrial System. Four major blue industries with pulp and paper, engine parts, cereals, oils, foodstuffs and marine equipment as the main body have developed well. Among them, the output value of engine parts industry increased 63% year-on-year, the output value of Weiya automobile engine increased 96% year-on-year, the output value of pulp, paper and printing and packaging industry increased 135.3% year-on-year, the output value of Senbo pulp and paper industry increased 134% year-on-year, and the output value of grain, oil and food industry accounted for one third of the total industry in the region. The development momentum of modern service industry, with port logistics as the main body, is strong. The total import and export value of Rizhao Bonded Logistics Center increased by 95.5% year on year. The construction of logistics platforms, such as shipping and trade service center, West Bank International Center and Sanyun Logistics Park, has been fruitful, and has been stationed in more than 190 enterprises.
The region has formulated and promulgated eight supporting policies with high gold content, which provide strong policy and financial support for enterprise development. The development funds of industrial clusters are allocated by 2-5% of district-level fiscal revenue each year for various support awards of blue industrial clusters. A total of 42 heads of well-known entrepreneurs at home and abroad and key enterprises invested in the district were employed as economic consultants. Implementing a two-way commitment, clarifying the responsibilities and obligations of the government and enterprises, building a credible government and a service-oriented government, issuing "service contact cards" to enterprises, opening a service contact hotline, from eight aspects: implementing support policies, implementing financial support, promoting bank-enterprise cooperation, providing intellectual support for development, optimizing soft environment, strengthening hard environment construction, strengthening public service and standardizing market supervision. Provides the high quality service for the enterprise.